January 17, 2016


File:Child with Flag.jpgOur opinions of life are formed by what we see and hear, usually by the age of 3 or 4.  If we want the people living in the United States to have allegiance to the United States and follow the ideals of our forefathers and believe in things like fairness, kindness, and the golden rule, then that is what we should be teaching, not only at home, but also in our schools and preschools.  If we do not teach these values to our children when they are young, then they will get their values from...
what they see on TV and Facebook.  Teach what you believe, strongly, before they learn values from gangs or Isis.  We all know when we have a powerful belief, we are less likely to be swayed to other ideals.  Start by teaching at home and in our preschools.  Then continue these teachings as our children grow. All children are wonderful, remarkable human beings. Let us guide them and watch them grow into honorable, responsible adults.  If you are not satisfied with things as they are, change it!  We all are wonderful and have the power to make changes!

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