January 14, 2016


Violence, crime, shootings...are your children safe? Do you think about what part your children will play in these crimes? We want our children to be neither the victim nor the perpetrator of these horrible incidents. We can influence and guide children to help make their world safer...

...and better.  We all have an innate desire to want to belong to a group, a club or a gang; a group that makes us feel important, safe and gives us a sense of purpose in life. Which group or gang our children decide to join will have a great deal to do with what our children hear and see at home. The family is our first group and is where we should feel welcome, safe, encouraged, responsible and loved. If this does not describe your family, we can change it now.

Encourage children to join an outside group or club.  Guide them to a group that will fit with their personality and gifts.  If you child has musical ability give music lessons or if their passion is sports find a group that plays sports.  Check out your local YMCA or ask at your school about a particular group.  Philadelphia has many activities and most are free.  Ask your friends and neighbors and explore this website for more information.  It is urgent that we guide our children to non-violent group activities now.

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a place where we felt important and loved and not abused or put down. We can and deserve to have that! Remember, though, we can really only change ourselves! So it must start with us; each day, slowly, a little bit at a time. Start now and don’t give up! Share with the others in your home safety, encouragement, responsibility and love.

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