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To solve the problems of the world we must start with the little children at ages 2 or 3. Every child should have the privilege of going to a "learning" preschool. Preschool should not be just a convenient baby sitter. There are important life skills that must be learned very early and this would be a good place to learn them. These years are the most important for helping a child grow into the wonderful person he is meant to be. We need to start early. In preschool we should play games like "store", using money and make change to help develop the brain. Play "house" to develop relationships. Play a game like "Jotto" to learn spelling and play number games to learn math. While children are learning we can also observe and recognize each child's gifts. Everyone has gifts and we need to explore those gifts with each child and guide and encourage them.

In addition,I would have good, healthy meals available for them to eat. I would also have strong neighborhood elementary schools so that young children would not waste precious time and energy traveling on buses. This would cut back on bus expenses and I would put that money back into the schools and make all neighborhood schools equally effective. Middle and high schools could be specialized for student needs and could be bused or in their neighborhood.

I would bring back sports, art, music and the other extracurricular activities because children (and adults) like to belong to an organization and feel the sense of belonging, accomplishment and acceptance. Clubs also teach learning how to get along with others and how to follow rules. Clubs also give children an additional reason to attend school.

I would start this in preschool. We need to start guiding children early! Find the children’s gifts and encourage them to belong to something they enjoy. If we do not guide them to appropriate activities, organizations or groups when they are young, our children will gravitate to street gangs, drugs and/or other unacceptable groups. This will cost more money in the long run for jails and lives lost.


Our opinions of life are formed by what we hear, see and read, usually by the age of 5 or 6. If we want the people living in the United States to have thoughts of allegiance to the United States and follow the ideals of things like the 10 commandments and the golden rule then that is what we should be teaching in schools and preschools. If we instill these ideals in our children strongly, then they are less likely to be swayed to other ideology.

We need to fight fire with fire or brainwashing with brainwashing. Let’s go back to teaching about the Constitution and the other wonderful documents that our forefathers wrote. We need to teach about how hard our country worked to have the freedoms that we all cherish and need to fight to keep.

We can also teach to accept diversity; that we are all good enough and exactly how we should be. We are incredible human beings. What we should not teach is how we feel, because how we feel is how we feel. We can, however, teach the proper reaction to how we feel. For instance, what do we do if we feel anger. What is your belief?

I would comments from my readers to further explore my ideas and how we can bring peace and harmony to our wonderful country.


I would stop paying people on unemployment for doing nothing. While they are looking for a job, unemployed people can help in other areas like cleaning the streets, security, child care, cooking for children, library aides and so forth. Find their gifts. Perhaps they want to work in daycare or cooking for other people that work. Perhaps they enjoy repairing things. They can work part time so they still have time to find another job. There is always a way for people that are ambitious to earn money.


I would stop paying people on disability that can do any kind of work. I have met many people who tell me they cannot work because it will affect the money they are getting from the government. I would stop food stamps and just supply good healthy food. We are not helping them when we give them money to buy donuts and soda. Beans, rice, peanut butter, bread and vegetables are cheaper and more nutritious.


Most areas of the country have low income housing available. We could add a child care center to each complex so that mothers who wanted to work outside the home would be free to do so. Mothers that prefer to be with children could work in the child care center. We could also add a central kitchen and women who like to cook could work there. Food would be available for everyone because everyone deserves to have good food. This could eliminate the need for food stamps. We could serve healthy food and have less illness. We could also add a repair and maintenance crew and a cleaning crew all from the people living in the low income complex. All of the services could be a combination of volunteers and people living in the complex. We could also add health care services from volunteers in the neighborhood.


Deadbeat Dads should not be put in jail. Certainly if they are in jail, they will have no resources to pay child support. Instead, let's coach them to find a job and also teach them about birth control. Give them a warning that if they have another child and cannot support that child there may be more drastic consequences. After a second unsupported child, I would take away their ability to have more children.


If you break the law, you are punished and get one more chance. If you break the law a second time you go to jail. Jail would be in a remote area of the country where the inmates would grow their own food and cook it. They would learn about nutrition. They would clean their room, wash their clothes, learn a trade and learn to follow rules or how to change them.


I would not have our political representatives have unlimited terms. Let them serve for two or four years. After office, they can go back to work and not have a large pension for the rest of their lives.


I would legalize drugs. Put more money into education about the effects of drugs on the brain. We could save a great deal of money by legalizing drugs. We could give that money to our school and use it for rehab for people already addicted. If legal, the street value of drugs would be lower and less attractive.

To help end police profiling and brutality, I would add all different races and religions to the police force. When they get to know one another they will see that we are all the same, just wrapped in different packages. Police work is hard and the police must think fast under dangerous conditions. Would we do better?

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