About Us

CohenConcepts is our new website under the guidance of PhillyParents, LLC.  CohenConcepts is devoted entirely to supporting you and your children in how to guide, what to teach and how to live with less stress and more happiness.  We believe that we can change the entire world by changing the way we raise our children and what we believe about ourselves.

Let us know how we can use this website to help you help our children and our schools.  We welcome your written contributions.  Send your information to Gail at gcohen13@comcast.net. 

The PhillyParents website is the brain child of Jay Cohen along with us, his parents, Dr. Gary and Gail Cohen.  Our vision is to bring parents together to solve problems of parenting, health, education and what you need to know as a parent in Philadelphia and beyond.

Here is a little about each of us:

Jay has always loved and believed in his city of birth, Philadelphia.  He attended Temple University and has degrees in Economics and Urban Studies.  In addition to his website for parents, he develops programs using Google Apps Scripting to support our schools.

Dr.  Gary was also born and raised in Philadelphia.  He attended Temple University and is a dentist.  In addition to dentistry he has studied Nutrition and Cooking.  Gary is also a concert pianist and gives recitals and produces and directs musical shows.

Gail, too, was born and raised in Philadelphia and attended Temple University.  She has always been passionately devoted to children.  Her current book is called, "Guiding Children" a parent's practical manual for guiding children from infancy to responsible adults and enjoying the process. 

This website is devoted to you...our wonderful Philadelphia Parents!