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Jay Cohen has spent the last 35 years developing and training in the use of personal computer technologies. During the last 17 years, he has been focused on using technology to improve education and academic achievement of children and young adults. He has received, and participated in, numerous grants, including a Public Broadcasting System grant to implement a statewide online teacher development system called PBS MathLine in Delaware.

In 1996 he was one of five partners who received a $6,000,000 US Department of Education award. His part of the grant was to study how technology in the home could be used to improve academic achievement of children from low-income families. The results showed significant student academic performance increases of low-income students when technology in the home is used in conjunction with teacher activities and professional development.

In 2003, Jay Cohen received his Master of Arts degree from Temple University with a thesis on “The Digital Divide and empowering families through the use of in-home technologies”. Over the past 10 years, Jay has been a consultant to the School District of Philadelphia and has provided technology trainings to thousands of low-income parents. In addition, as part of the Digital Divide movement in Philadelphia, he coordinated the delivery of over 3000 refurbished computers to area schools.

Today, Jay is an active parent in the School District of Philadelphia. He is a volunteer member of PARENTPOWER, The Philadelphia Home and School Council and has been very involved with the move towards School Advisory Councils in every school. As part of his volunteer efforts, he is part of a very small and innovative group of individuals focused on using and building Google technologies to allow families to be more actively engaged in the education of their children. During this time, he has used the technology to build a growing network of thousands of politically and educationally empowered parents through the use of web pages, email lists and Google Docs. He believes that the key to any improvement in public education in Philadelphia is the parents working together. And the key to the parents working together is that the parents are online and digitally literate so that they can exercise their collective knowledge and power as educational partners, consumers and taxpayers.

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Dr. Gary and Gail Cohen were born and raised in Philadelphia and attended Lincoln High School and Temple University. After practicing dentistry for 35 years in Philadelphia and Cheltenham, Gary and Gail wandered around the country in their motor home for 5 years. In 2003 they settled in Myerstown in South Central PA where they currently live. Gary is also involved and passionate about music and healthy living, eating and cooking. He has produced and accompanied singers in musical productions. Gail is passionate about sharing ideas for getting along with each other and income possibilities. She has written a book on guiding children. For more about what we do, take a look at our website. What if:
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