Philadelphia Vision

Philadelphia - a wonderful diverse city with many resources available to solve all of societies problems.  What we discovered was that every group needed to come together and agree on a common path.  We then affected the following changes.


a. We have neighborhood and community schools, regular and charter.  They all work.  We have kept the preschools and elementary schools in the neighborhoods where the children live to eliminate busing.
b. We have teachers and principals that want to be there and are interested in the children.
c.  Every child has available a free preschool with meals provided.
d. Every school has a Home and School Association.  Grandparents are allowed because we appreciate their expertise and experience.
e. Parents and/or grandparents have lots of input/voice.
f.  We have brought back recess, art, music, sports, and clubs to the schools.  The children benefit from these activities greatly and are happy to go to school.
g. We have free food available for needy children.  No child is hungry.
h.  We have free after school care for low income working parents.


a. We took our low income housing and added a child care center to each complex so that mothers who wanted to work outside the home would be free to do so.
b. Mothers that prefer to be with children work in the child care centers.
c. We also added a central kitchen and women who like to cook work there. Food is available for everyone because everyone deserves to have good food. We no longer have food stamps. We serve healthy food and have less illness.
d. We have a repair and maintenance crew and a cleaning crew all from the people living in the complex.
e. All of the services are a combination of volunteers from the community and paid people living in the complex. 


a. We have health care services available from volunteers in the neighborhood.

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