May 10, 2016

05.10 10:44 AM | WPSI is Now Recruiting Carpentry Technicians

Applicants selected to participate in this program will:
  • Learn the carpentry trade from master craftsmen 
  • Earn a generous performance-based wage stipend
  • Build cutting-edge job connection strategies that will connect you to a career you love 
To apply, applicants should:
  • Have experience and/or education in the carpentry/construction field.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED by June 27th.
  • Be unemployed.
  • Live in West Philadelphia (defined by zip codes 19104, 19131, 19139, 19143, 19151)

Apply today! The application deadline is June 3rd, 2016.  

Watch this video to learn more about all of the possibilities your partnership with WPSI can bring:

WPSI Staff
Matt Bergheiser
Executive Director
University City District

Sharon Thompsonowak
Program Manager
West Philadelphia Skills Initiative
Joshua Park
Training Center Manager
West Philadelphia Skills Initiative 

Sheila Ireland
Vice President
Workforce Solutions

Queen Aniatang
Program Coordinator
West Philadelphia Skills Initiative

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