March 31, 2016

03.31 09:45 PM | Next Tuesday - PHSC meeting open to all parents

From Rosemarie Hatcher, President of the Philadelphia Home and School Council...

The next PHSC General membership meeting will be next Tuesday April 5th at 10:00 am in room 1075 of the School District building

Phenomenal informative sessions...

Megan Hayden, The Workshop school
Growing up with a learning disability herself, she knows how it is to feel alone. 
She wants our students to be able to *see* and *hear* adults who are successful LD adults.

The Opt-Out Movement featuring Tomika Anglin, Alison McDowell, Robin Roberts and Shakeda Gaines
It is that time again folks , a very much needed informative session on the big revelation sweepingly the nation.
Come out and hear how it impacts our vulnerable students with special needs as well as other students. 

Christopher Shaffer, Deputy Chief, Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Family engagement office to update SPP outcome.

Light refreshments.

Rosemarie F. Hatcher
President of Philadelphia Home and School Council
Love Family & Friends
Live For Today
Tomorrow isn't a Given!

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