August 23, 2014

Gail's Parenting Blog Introduction

When I was pregnant with my first child, Jay, I read many books on raising children. I thought this made me an expert and I then knew all about children and how they behaved. When Jay was born he did not follow the books, so I believed the books were wrong and concluded, “So, this is what children are really like.” After all, I had a child and so I knew everything! Right? Then David was born. He was different than Jay. How could that be?

By the time Bobby and Andrew came along, I began to realize that all children are different and I really did not know very much. Later, as the children began to teach me, and I experienced more of life, I realized how little we really know about raising children. This is such an important task, and most of us are not prepared...

or trained to be effective parents.

So if children are all different, how do we raise them with one set of rules? What is our purpose and what are we trying to achieve? How do we enjoy, guide, love and assist these precious children to grow into happy and productive adults and enjoy and love the process? Watch for my next blog to find out what I learned.

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