August 23, 2014

Dr. Gary's Quick and Easy Deviled Eggs

We all have limited amount of time every day. Work, errands, and house chores consume most of it. So, what about nutritious meals for you and your family? Unfortunately, probably the most important part of the day falls by the wayside. We reach for a can of chili or a box of processed cereal to simplify life. We consume preservatives, bad fats, sugar and excessive salt. How can we possibly have the time and the energy to provide the proper nutrition for you and your family? The answer is...

in the presentation; making seemingly plain food look more appetizing. Nutrition does not have to be sacrificed for time.

When I was a kid I remember hating eggs in any of the usual forms...scrambled, fried...even hardboiled. My mother changed the presentation in a way that I loved eggs...deviled. And it didn’t take her any longer.

First, let me add for those who are concerned about saturated fat and cholesterol that the American Heart Association now states that a daily couple of eggs will not increase the likelihood of having a heart attack or even raising your cholesterol blood level.

This simple recipe for a family of four is as follows:
  • 4 eggs, hard boiled and shelled 
  • 1 TBS mayonnaise (I prefer the vegetarian Vegenaise) 
  • 1 TSP yellow mustard 
  • Paprika for garnish 
Cut the eggs in half lengthwise and remove the yolks. Place the yolks in a bowl and add the mayonnaise and mustard and mix together until smooth. Divide the mix 8 times and place in the egg white halves. Dust the mix lightly with the paprika and turned a boring hard boiled egg into a gourmet quick, nutritious, inexpensive and low calorie dish. Your family will love it, guaranteed!

To make the lunch complete place the eggs on a bed of lettuce leaves, peppers, carrots, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. Serve this with a delicious homemade dressing, simply made with lemon juice and mayonnaise.

Future blogs will include other delicious, nutritious and easy recipes on a low budget.


  1. Thanks for sharing this quick and healthy meal, i have been more vegetables thanks to the partnership with East Park Revitalization, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Strawberry Mansion High School, Strawberry Mansion NAC and others. I really enjoy planting seeds, watering, pruning and harvesting my fruits and vegetables. The best part is tasting my health that i just grew. Looking forward to more of your quick and healthy meals!!

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. What you are accomplishing with East Park Revitalization is wonderful. Your focus on plant based foods and on having our kids seeding and watching healthy foods grow and eat what they have created, aligns with my beliefs about sustaining our planet and the very basis of good nutrition. I would love to feature your efforts on the PhillyParents website. Please send me more information.


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