October 30, 2020

 We are now in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic.  We have many problems and decisions.  One of them is what to do with schools.  If I were in charge, I would open the schools.  I would give parents and teachers a choice.  They can come to school or they can go on line or home school.  

This is what I would do in the schools:

  1. Masks are mandatory.

  2. Temperatures are taken every morning.

  3. Testing is done 3 times a week.

  4. Everyone washes their hands and possibly their faces when they get to school and multiple times during the day.

  5. Children clean their own desks multiple times during the day.

  6. No one can touch another person.

  7. Everyone brings their own pencils, pens, crayons and paper and/or computer.

  8. Everyone brings their own lunch or a box lunch can be provided.

  9. As much learning as possible can be done outside in the school yard.

  10. Children are taught about germs, cleanliness and how to prevent getting sick.

  11. Children are taught to keep their school, home and environment clean.

  12. I would eliminate as much bussing as possible.  Keep children in their own neighborhoods.

  13. I would teach kindness and how to get along with others.

  14. We need to give all children feelings of acceptance, confidence and responsibility.

  15. Life is hard and unless we learn how to deal with difficulties, we will turn to drugs, alcohol or mental illness.  We need to teach our children these skills while they are young. 

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