September 23, 2016


Before we all place blame, we need to look in the mirror and see what we each can do remedy the situation.  We need to understand that we are all the same underneath and inside.  That being said we also need to come together and support each other and our wonderful country.  I understand that the first new generation that comes to our great country, will still be more comfortable speaking the old language but succeeding generations should totally assimilate.  We need to all learn our common language, customs, rules and laws.  We will help each other become honest and caring Americans.  We will respect and salute the flag.  When we become successful we need to reach down and bring the rest of our people, those of the same nationality, color, race and creed up to our level.  If America really is a melting pot, let's give the pot a little stir, mix it up and make sure everyone is speaking American English and following the laws, rules and customs of our wonderful country!

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