August 30, 2016


We are all concerned about the excessive violence and shootings in our cities. Here are some suggestions for change. Do not give the “shooter” so much publicity.  It gives others the idea and desire to emulate the shooter.  Perhaps we could have more good deeds in the news. There are plenty of wonderful people that give of themselves to help others. Let’s focus more on the good.  Violence abounds in the movies and on TV.  It is everywhere! This is what our children are watching as they grow into adults.  It is all they know. They learn from these TV programs and movies that if they are angry or do not agree with someone, they can go beat them up or shoot them. Why are we surprised when they actually do that?  Our children are sent into the army and to other countries to kill people and then not allowed to kill at home.  No wonder they are confused.  We need to start training children when they are very young. Decide on the values we want them to have and instill those values.  Allow children to feel what they feel and teach appropriate behavior for those feelings, like anger.  Do not tell our children not to feel the anger.  There are times when we all feel anger. We need to learn that the appropriate response is not to shoot someone.  Let's give them other tools, like talking, negotiating and especially listening.

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