March 17, 2016

Tell City Council Support Comm-36

Education Voters of PA

Tell City Council: Support Community Schools and PreK in Philly 
Dear Jay,
With the mess in Harrisburg, it is great to hear good news for education!  In Philadelphia, Mayor, Jim Kenney has proposed several bold and important initiatives that will directly benefit the education of children in Philadelphia, which will also have broader benefits to society. Community schools can help to meet the comprehensive needs that children have - from social, emotional and health needs, to extended and enhanced learning, such as extended learning time and quality Pre-K. There are economic and social benefits when we improve conditions for children and strengthen quality of life for families. Resource equity matters too - and for that you need to make investments. 
Help make it happen by sending a message to City Council that you support this progress.
Mayor Kenney's proposed tax on sugary drinks is a reasonable way to fund these programs that can have a real impact on quality of life and learning conditions. Education Voters supports Mayor Kenney's proposal to tax sugary drinks to pay for these initiatives that will directly benefit education for children in Philadelphia, and will have broader benefits to society. This is a smart, forward thinking move and we support it.

Please take a minute and sign the petition to City Council, asking them to support the programs and the funding needed to make them a reality.
Please support the proposals to implement a Community Schools strategy, expand quality Pre-K, and rebuild parks and recreation centers to provide more opportunities and places for children in the proposed Philadelphia budget. A tax on sugary beverages seems like a reasonable option to pay for these important initiatives.
Susan Spicka, Director, Education Voters of PA
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