November 17, 2015

SEPTA Smartphone App

Hi Parents,

I thought I'd share a tool that I use pretty often: the SEPTA mobile app. I recommend using it because it shows you where buses and trains are in real time on a map. You can download it through the App Store (for iPhone) or the Google Play store (for Android). I check it before I leave the house to make sure I won't have to wait too long outside, which is especially important during bad weather. Read on to see how to use to app.
This is the app home screen:

From there, I click on "TransitView" to select a bus (or "TrainView" to select a train line). For this demo, I picked the 9 bus.

Once you tap on the 9, a map will pop up with bus icons along the route. A red icon mean it's a northbound bus and blue means it's southbound. The blue dot is your current location. Note that the icons (the location of that bus) can be up to a few minutes old – so be sure to give yourself a little extra time so you don't miss your bus!

Sometimes the buses don't show up at all, but it works most of the time for me. It seems like the app has become more and more reliable.

I hope you find this information useful!

– Gabby

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