November 24, 2014

Whose Fault is it Anyway?

We all feel we are the center of our universe. It is hard to see ourselves. The world revolves around us. We think everyone else is wrong. We all complain about the rest of the world. Sometimes when we are angry we want to blame someone and to get even because it is hard to think of ourselves as being wrong. It must be someone else's fault. It can’t be us. Right?

Actually, how we feel is how we feel, but how we act when we feel a particular way is a learned response. We cannot hurt someone or fight with someone just because we feel we want to resolve our own uncomfortable feelings. If someone was angry with you or your child, would you want them to hurt you or hurt your child? Is there a better way to resolve the issue?
Let’s stop blaming the world or other people for our problems. We are each responsible for ourselves, our feelings and our actions. Remember, how we feel is how we feel. What we do about it can be different. When you or your child are angry, stop and think about it before you act. Speak to someone, like a counselor, about what you feel and what would be an appropriate response.

Let’s change the world to be kinder and let it begin with each of us. Feel free to respond and let me know what you think or share an issue that you may have. I care about you all.

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  1. Great post, we had a similar conversation during my Early Literacy Edu 220 class. Feelings are so important and can be fragile. Thanks for the post!! I am incorporating activities into my curriculum and everyday life, that help us deal with our feelings.
    Please plan to participate in Random Acts of Kindess Week February 2015,
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