November 13, 2014

Vested In Our Future

My chosen theme Family School Pride goal is to raise awareness of our power to create pride in stressful school situations. As a parent volunteer in a persistently dangerous school, i observed the stress and the conditions that feed the stress. We have the ability to foster change in our schools when we are able to get the families and schools together, vested in our future. Communities invest in what holds value for them. Martin Luther King High School once a persistently dangerous school, has raised their worth to the communities by raising their expectations of their students, the students family and the quality of education that the school now offers.

How would you bring your stressful school climate to a halt and create a safe and productive school climate? I would start with a meeting with all stakeholders and find a common ground to grow from. School fundraisers are great ways to get stakeholders vested in their local schools. Fundraisers that serve several purposes are becoming popular. Macy’s sponsored a school pride video contest to raise school pride and donate much needed funds to the school. The campaign sparks creativity and brings stakeholders together to plan and participate in creating the video. I can imagine how many new contacts and familiarities were discovered during the process.

To get our communities vested our schools have to offer education that opens doors to safe and productive lifestyles. Technology and how to use technology is a growing industry that most schools in The United States of America are not teaching. We need to embrace STEAM and teach more computer science in our schools and communities. A great way to introduce computer science to our schools and communities is to partner with “The Hour of Code” sponsored by This partnership is a great way to bring valued education and much needed resources to our schools and community.

one week alone:
It was the fastest to reach 15 million users.
15 million students worldwide learned an Hour of Code.
More girls tried computer science than in the last 70 years.
Over 10 million girls in 2013

Prizes for EVERY educator—and win computers for your school, or a classroom chat with a special guest speaker, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

• One lucky school in every US state (+ Washington, DC) will win $10,000 worth of technology!
• 50 lucky classrooms will win video chats with special guests.

To build school pride, we should think outside the box and try to connect to resources locally, nationally, and globally. Building great partnerships is the key ingredient to building pride. When I catch the Broad Street subway at Broad and Olney Ave., I am often greeted with a swarm of red and yellow Central High School hoodies and sweatshirts and gray and gold or black and gold Philadelphia High School for Girls’ hoodies and jackets. I hope to some day to see a sea of various school colors, mascots and class year tee shirts, hoodies and jackets, worn by the parents and community stakeholders as well as the students!!