October 17, 2014

Family School Pride "That's My School"

That’s My School

Up at my school,
Everyone is different,
Yet we are treated,
Like an equal.

Everyone is always smiling,
Or laughing so hard,
They start to cry,
That’s my school.

A lot of people,
Go through my school,
Home of the blue jays,
To cool for school.

Standing tall upon the hill,
Behind all the trees,
Stands the blue jay’s school,
Yup, that’s my school.

Each person is unique,
Form the clothes,
To the hair,
To their personality.

Each person is free,
To express themselves,
And be who they want,
That’s my school.

WHS blue jay pride,
That’s something,
That can never be beat,
And something that we can’t hide.

Friends come and go,
But one thing will live on,
The pride we had for our team,
Just like my school did.

No matter where I go,
Or how far I leave town,
I’ll always be proud to say,
WHS in WashMo is my school.

You can show your school pride and assist in mapping our city with poetry. Learn more at www.creativephl.org/writeyourblock.