October 28, 2014

Jostens Pride

Helping students prepare for their future. One of the morals that I learned growing up was that we are to assist when we see the need. Some define this as charity while others view assisting others as part of our purpose in life. Researching for this post I came across a great company that truly exemplifies the pride and spirit in giving back to the community where they reside.

Businesses small and large in our communities are great resources often untapped for the lack of reaching out to understand each others needs. I was so happy when I found the website of Jostens, a company that specializes in creating memories for schools via yearbooks, class rings, etc. and have been assisting in creating these memories since 1897. I see nothing but pride in the company and the work they do for our communities. Not only do they create great jewelry they also created some awareness campaigns that help families and schools with cyber-bullying, school climate, pause before you post and so many great resources to assist in building school pride. Please visit their website to learn more about these resources!!

“Build School Pride and Connect the Community”

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