September 10, 2014

The Goals of Gail's Parenting Blog

What Do Children Really Need to Learn?

I believe our goal is to raise and guide all children to develop who they really are, with their own unique gifts and challenges, to love life, to contribute to society and to become responsible adults. Do you want this for your children? What if we did not focus on behavior...the usual standard for today?

Instead, let's focus on the lessons we want our children to learn and the life skills they will need to know as adults. Let's not just teach children to obey. Perhaps we no longer want blind obedience for our children. After all, we do not want them to follow strangers or do everything their friends tell them to do. We do, however, want them to learn about rules and to either live by them or learn the proper procedures to change them. We want them to learn how to make decisions, have confidence in themselves and others and to learn to listen to what other people are really saying. We want to instill values and develop leadership abilities. We want our children to learn to care for their minds and their bodies, to care for the earth, to help others when appropriate and to live in peace. If this is what you want, stay tuned and we will explore together our goal of happy and successful (whatever you call success) families.

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